Monday, 17 May 2010

The chapter that I can add to my inevitable autobiography, by A. WAG,

Ok, only a short blog here and also I may be judged as harsh for shooting on kids in difficult situation, but this most definately is NOT me hating on them. First I only watched a few minutes of 'WAGS, Kids and World Cup Dreams' yesterday, but as certain things really pissed me off I thought i'd share my opinions.

I just was so pissed that the WAGs appear to have minimal (or in Imogen Thomas' case no) knowledge of South Africa's coloured past as well as the poverty. You would think that if you were going to a place you were unfamiliar with, then you would at least research something of it. We then move on to the tasks they had to do, which as hard as they clearly were, if you have volunteered to help and have something of a TV platform you don't complain about that. I don't mind people who genuinely volunteer their time to do this without any ulterior motives (I mean I started working in care as a volunteer for chrissake), and granted some of the publicity this will generate MAY help, but I doubt it.

This brings me onto the title of the blog, which is based on the obsession this country seems to have with celebrity autobiographies, and as these 5 WAGs are inevitably going to release one each, this is a clear case of them looking for the 'tough story' to have as a 'hook'. Disagree with me if you want, but I can't like what I see as somewhat cheap publicity. (Again i'm not taking a pop at the kids who are in tough situations, purely at the WAGs)

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